Aug. 27th, 2004


Aug. 27th, 2004 03:21 pm
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I now I have a schedule worked out. It becomes official on Tuesday!

here 'tis )

I'm a bit scared of the C++ class, but I think it's going to be a healthy challenge. I think the entire schedule will be a healthy challenge, actually. So far I really like all of my professors, and the hundreds of dollars worth of books--$341.64 so far, with a couple books still in shipment--seem pretty interesting. There were fewer students in the politics class today, and I'm hoping the same thing will happen for non-violent movements. Today the prof made everyone laugh by pretending to get choked up over the notion of democracy.

Communication can be frustrating. My cell phone was being stupid last night. My advisor still hasn't emailed me back. I called the daycare to inquire about my job, but the director wasn't in and I have to call back on Monday. (Admittedly, this is a relief because if it's going to be bad news, at least my weekend doesn't have to be spent trying to find a new job.)

I forgot to be excited about the weekend until lunch! It's a little sad, though. At home I could count on all sorts of fun stuff for the weekend: going to the movies, hanging out at Vienna, going to somebody's house, working, church and youth group...while I do have some plans for this weekend (campus outdoor showing of "Animal House" and the meetinghouse on Sunday morning), Saturday is a scary blank slate.

It's so hot today. I got sweaty just walking outside for awhile. I might go work out since I'll probably want to shower anyway. Showering is such a pain here. I never know how dressed I should be in the hallway, since there aren't good places to bring clothes inside the shower area. Such are the endless questions one ponders at college. (Ha. Ha.)


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