May. 20th, 2004

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Last night I had this strange dream in which Mike and I went to a John Kerry rally at this amphitheater in an unrecognizable location. We arrived late, so the only seats remaining were VIP seats in the very front row. We made our way to the front and were seated next to Hillary Clinton! One of the announcers said something to us, and Hillary Clinton misunderstood (it was some sort of confusion between the words "grass" and "glass") and she kept saying "Glass? Glass?" So I got to clear up the misunderstanding for her. I remembering really wanting to tell her that she is my favorite First Lady ever, but I didn't get up the nerve. I felt that desperate "I"m missing my chance..." sensation during the dream and I guess it lingered after I woke up. Later today I saw some PAC-sponsored Bush ad that called Kerry more liberal than Ted Kennedy or Hillary Clinton. The ad was obviously just playing on the fact that Kennedy and Clinton are among the most conservative-despised figures in politics, but it made me more angry than usual because I'd had the dream about (practically) meeting Hillary Clinton. I felt sort of defensive. I really do love Hillary Clinton.

My final individual critique with Tom went really well. It was very positive and left me feeling great. Apparently I'm becoming more brave with my work, and when I think of that and think about what happened in the last critique, I realize that this sort of reassurance is what I need more than almost anything else, for obvious reasons of change and transition. So often one's approach to one aspect of life (in this case, photography) seeps into everything else. I guess that's why one thing can become so important at times.

Tomorrow I set up for my little senior wall/table space for the school art show. I've waited three years for this, ever since the art show at the end of my freshman year. That was the year the only piece I had in the show was a pencil self-portrait I did. Everybody in my class had to put their self-portraits into the show. Mine happened to look just enough like me and just enough like a person with severe mental and physical challenges that it was really awkward.

I got my prom pictures back. It's so nice to have a visual representatation of genuinely happy memories. There's this silly "thumbs up" picture of Daniel and me that I might post here if I have time to scan it somewhere.

At closing time, there was one table left populated. The customers were four ladies who are some of the best regulars we have. As the neon lights shut off, leaving the more dim overhead lights only, they got the hint and stood up to leave. On their way out, Don said "All good things must come to an end!" in this funny voice. It was perfect. Everybody responded with things like, "Even ice cream? Ha ha ha..." It's nice to be reminded from time to time that we're usually just where we need to be.


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