Apr. 26th, 2004


Apr. 26th, 2004 06:31 pm
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I really want to write but I'm not sure what to say. That's kind of unusual. Tonight will be my fourth night of work in a row, and I still have to study for Government and finish preparing my poetry presentation. I've already done student council stuff, studied for Psychology, and done a dumb little French assignment. I did the latter two in Mrs. Y's room during jr. high art club, since my sister was throwing a pot there on the potter's wheel. Next week, I get to learn how to use the wheel! Mrs. Y said Becca could teach me. This is sort of like realizing a lifelong dream--a dream that I never had the motivation to make happen. It was really nice, just doing homework in the art room for the second Monday in a row with Nellie McKay in my ears (I listened to chattering last week, since I didn't have the CD yet.)

I'm nervous about discussing "anyone lived in a pretty how town." It's such a wonderful poem. That's why I'm nervous.

I'll be starting a new painting soon--I'm very excited. I'm also excited because Alison is shooting her photo project tomorrow, and she's shooting pictures of me. I've never been in a photography project before! I've been behind the camera lens countless times, but I've never gotten to pose.

It's strange how sometimes I feel alone in my head and really giddy about life. I take a mental run through everything I like and I just sit there, perfectly happy. And other times I feel so connected to the people around me, and usually that's when I'm stressed but also more alert. Neither is more "me" than the other. The best is when both exist at once.


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