Mar. 3rd, 2004

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The new computer doesn't have the font News Gothic MT installed. This is extremely upsetting because I've turned in every AP English paper (except the first one and the term paper) in 10 pt. News Gothic MT. It's professional, it's relatively small but pleasing to the eye, I can turn out a good four or five page paper virtually every time. I just finished typing up my paper in Arial, and it's just all wrong. This was only the second time I've written the paper by hand, and while I think I'm actually more efficient that way, I'm afraid I let my emotions get the better of me. The topic I'm writing about (the paradox of wellness and illness as the human condition as exhibited in A Passage to India by characters who behave one way to survive socially but feel another way due to internal struggles, which sounds sort of pretentious and silly but hopefully isn't) is...not close to home, exactly, but something I feel strongly about and relate to in small ways, and I got perhaps a bit too excited when I wrote. There's a line in the novel about how the world appears to be dying but never actually dies and I got carried away with the image of the world continuing to spin, thrusting the characters further into their paradoxical lives with every rotation...

I think it would be better if it were in News Gothic MT.

Edit: There are all these fonts to choose from with names like Tunga, Latha, Shruti, and Raavi, but they're all exactly like Arial.


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