Feb. 19th, 2004


Feb. 19th, 2004 07:34 pm
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This evening I went for a great run/walk, as the weather feels practically balmy compared to what it has been. I feel so much better about myself when I exercise! As I was nearing the home stretch, I passed the park and stopped for a minute to swing on the swingset because there was nobody else around. It was a little bit awkward because I was holding my CD player in one hand as I attempted to grasp the chain, but it was lovely to swing a bit with "Waiting for the Moon to Rise" (Belle and Sebastian) playing.

Today has been a really good day, better than yesterday even. I'm really excited about the weekend (working at the Silver Dipper and hanging out with Daniel and hopefully doing something with other friends and youth group and painting + sending these blank postcards I bought that are made of watercolor paper). My oral interview in French went well this morning. It was exactly what I expected and for once I had practiced a lot. It wasn't a whole lot to worry about--just asking for bandaids (pansements) and a container of asprin (un tube d'asprine) and similar items and finding out how much I owed, in French, of course. In English, Mrs. H. told us the story of her complicated, exhausting attempt to get to England for her study abroad experience. She spontaneously told it after Molly was mentioning flying by herself to Virginia tomorrow for a scholarship weekend at a college. It was very amusing, especially since I have wanted to study abroad in England ever since I got to go to London in 2000. Earlham has a London program, and Kenyon has one at Exeter.

Last night I had a dream that I was attending Earlham. I realized on the first day that I had forgotten to sign up for classes, but luckily there was still time. My parents were with me, and for some reason the counselor helping us took off her shirt. It was kind of awkward, but nobody said anything. I discovered that I wasn't sure of the course requirements, and the only way to figure it out would be to drive home. I went home, but was expected to drive myself back, never mind the issue of not knowing my way and being unsure of what to do with the car once I got there. Back in my bedroom, I realized I hadn't packed my books. The chaos of the dream was filled with a sense of enormous happiness. I stood at my bookshelf, picking out my favorites and putting them in a tote bag, waiting eagerly to get back to Earlham. I wonder if that means anything.


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