Jan. 14th, 2004

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I've never wanted to take pictures so much in my entire life. Semester 4 of Photo has consisted of looking at "as many photographs as you can in three days" on the Internet. We have to pick one artist, print three of his or her photographs, and explain why we chose them on Friday. So far I'm stuck between Eve Arnold and someone I had never heard of named Subir Chatterjee. I printed a picture Arnold took of Marilyn Monroe asleep on a bus. I think the composition of the image is wonderful, which says a lot, because I typically can't stand photographs of Marilyn Monroe. To say she was overexposed would be to state the obvious, and while this may have something to do with her tragic end, it doesn't stop me from getting tired of seeing 8,479 Marilyn Monroe images everyday. I swear it isn't jealously when I say I don't even think she's pretty. While art shouldn't have to be pretty, I'd rather stick to my contradictory and hypocritical dislike of photographs of Marilyn Monroe.

I already have new negatives from the trip to Virginia (I miss you, Virginia) that I'm going to print when we start in the darkroom next week, but I feel all these ideas swimming just below the surface of my skin like little itches. I've been ready for so long to have some new ideas--it's really been since Molly and Mike posed on the chairs in the woods at Happy Hollow Park. I needed to take pictures so badly (during Government, the last class of the day, I spaced out as Mr. P explained the schedule for the rest of the week and had a daydream about my new camera) that I took a picture of Daniel (the cat) backlit by the window with my Polaroid as soon as I got home. I also took a Polaroid of a tree behind my house and scratched it up with a toothpick before it developed all the way. Instantaneous photographic relief!

The three advanced students in my class hour other than me are Kate, Michael, and Mike. It's funny that the two members of each gender have variations on the same name. Kate and I are both Kathleens, too. None of us have mentioned it to each other; in fact, I thought about it for the first time just now!

I hope to finish stretching my canvas tomorrow or Friday. I think I'm going to like having Mrs. Y as a painting teacher--before this semester, she worked primarily with junior high students but she's an incredibly fun person and it doesn't seem like she'll baby us or refuse to give us any responsibility. I'd probably be upset to not have Tom for my last semester of high school painting, but I still have him for Photo. I might secretly ask for his painting advice if I ever need it.

I love how motivated I feel at the beginning of a new semester. All week, I've worked on every homework assignment I've been given (with the exception of the French that I had to do before school today since I left the text at school and a couple of Calc problems that left me stumped) and made sure to have enough time at the end of the night to do something fun. I've decided to watch the "West Wing" DVD every night I can until I run out of episodes. That will take awhile. I know that everybody else discovered TV on DVD years ago, but I've never been a huge TV watcher and I'm a little behind the times. My family has the first seasons of "The West Wing," "Cheers," and "Felicity" and I can't get over how cool the DVDs are.


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