Nov. 12th, 2004

sidewalksparkle: (patty griffin (from cover art))
Take Judy, with her bow and arrow, she's a mastermind
Too frumpy for the teenage population of her time
Car coat, she has a quilted jacket with a hood if it rains
Big pockets for the pharmaceuticals she takes to fix her brain

--Belle & Sebastian, "The Rollercoaster Ride"

If I had a beautiful singing voice (how I wish), I think I would write a lot of songs and learn to play the guitar really well. And then I would do an experiment. I'd try to get some rich person to be my patron, like the old days, and then I'd take a year to travel all over the world as cheaply as possible, just showing up unexpectedly to play songs anywhere the fancy struck me. I'd travel the continents very methodically, and if anybody wanted to give me some publicity I'd accept the offer. However, I would never get an agent or try to book shows in special locations. I'd be curious to see if I could get any sort of following or fame just by traveling around and letting people listen to me. I wonder if some dude in Idaho would be talking on AIM to a friend in California and they would both have seen this random girl playing music out of nowhere and realize she was the same person. This experiment would be liking forcing serendipity on the whole world. And even if I stayed completely unknown and ignored, it would be really fun to have a year of travel.

Friday = love.


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