Jul. 3rd, 2004

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As a result of everything I read and hear around me, I am realizing that there are many, many parts of the adult world that I do not understand and will have to understand very soon. Taxes (basically the understanding of all the forms and knowing how to file, since my dad figured everything out for me this past tax season and I didn't have enough income to have to actually pay any money--something that probably won't be the case next year?!?)... Setting up electronic equipment such as TVs and computers... Setting up a bank account in a new place... the FAFSA and other financial aid stuff that I'll have to re-file for sophomore year of college (again, because my dad essentially did this for me and did not explain).

I feel about two years old. I appreciate all the help my dad has given me, but now I wish he'd at least made me sit down next to him every time he did any of this stuff so I could pick up some of the necessary knowledge. I know my parents will teach me all this stuff, but sometimes I get this panicky feeling that I need to know how to be self-sufficient right now, even though there are no pressing matters of any real concern to be dealt with today. Blarrgh. Realistically, it will be years before I am truly self-sufficient since my parents will be paying for the bulk of my education. Even so, functioning independently would be nice.

It's sort of frustrating to think that having a job, paying car insurance, having been accepted to college, getting things together so I can move out on my own, etc. do not necessarily deem one able to take care of oneself. I'm a complete novice.


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