Sep. 19th, 2004


Sep. 19th, 2004 01:33 pm
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I've quoted this before; it is always true.

You smile,
mention something that you like,
how you'd have a happy life if you did the things you like.

--Franz Ferdinand

I feel really, really, really good right now. It's such a beautiful day it almost hurts. The sky is so blue and the sun is so sunny and the green is so fresh and it's windy and cool. I went to the programmed meeting this morning, and this senior named Joy spoke and it was amazing. We started in the meetinghouse and she had us come outside when it was time for her to speak. I wish I could remember everything she said, but it got absorbed somewhere, I'm sure. I don't know her, but she's one of the best people I've ever met. After meeting, she gave me a hug when I introduced myself and told her I appreciated what she said. I just sat there during the open worship part in completely happy silence. I really need to go to unprogrammed sometime, too. I feel like I know hardly anything about Quakerism and here I am at a Quaker school going to some amazing services. I'm so curious. The whole time I've been Methodist I've remembered being Episcopalian and thought of myself as both, even though I say "Methodist" when people ask me about my denomination. Maybe someday I'll be everything.

Right now I'm listening to "Hey Ya!" because it makes me happy and a little bit sad (memory-sad). I'm going to sort my laundry and get started on homework soon. I honestly can't say there's any place I would rather be, especially since I went to Ohio twice yesterday (the second time was to get Indian food in a large group, and ohhhh it tasted so good) and I feel like I've gotten away. I mean, sure, I'd like to go to London now that I'm old enough to wander around. I'd like to be at home sitting in the kitchen laughing with my family. I'd like to visit my relatives in Virginia and take pictures of mountains. I'd like to hang out with all of my friends from home in one place again, and introduce them to my new friends and have everybody fall in love with each other and never get separated. I'd like to scoop some fabulous ice cream for my favorite regulars from behind the counter at the Silver Dipper. I'd like to drive home from school with my sister. I'd like to go back in time about an hour and be less shy in one of those strange moments when I, not a typically shy person, freeze up in the presence of beauty.

But I am here, and I may as well not get sad over wishes.

(This morning Emma and Evelyn and Marina and Becca and I made posters encouraging voting. I honestly can't remember what it was like to not be completely interested in the political process, but I think I have a skewed view of what I was like before I got here or something, because while I was interested and tried to be somewhat informed, I am realizing that I was not involved beyond casting my own vote. Yesterday, canvassing in Dayton made me sad because we were in this neighborhood that was pretty run down and there were eviction notices, boarded-up buildings, etc. Lots of people weren't home, and we were supposed to talk to women for National Women's Election Action Day about educational issues in Ohio and comparing funding for the Iraq war with what it could be doing for the schools. When we actually got to talk to people, it was very exciting. Some people said they were undecided (usually "leaning Kerry"), and by the time I'd step off the porch, they were at least saying they definitely wouldn't be voting for Bush. They'll be getting calls about voting on Election Day. At one house, there was a guy about my age or a few years older. He hit on me, and it was a little unnerving but mostly funny, since he was in front of his family. He asked me for my number, and I just laughed and stepped away, since I was leaving. He called out "We could go to a Kerry rally!" I thought that was the funniest thing in the world--smooth moves, right? I said "Um, I live in Indiana!" and he said "Anywhere you want!" Good grief. It was really amusing, though.

I want to go back to Dayton for more. Not more of that guy, though.)

I'm trying really hard to be doing what I like.


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