Jul. 28th, 2004


Jul. 28th, 2004 12:05 pm
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Apolitical observations from the Democratic National Convention: Teresa Heinz Kerry was wearing ketchup-red (I know, along with half the other people in attendance). She looks like an older, prettier version of Sandra Bullock. I liked the "opinionated" statement.

If Bush wins again, I am going to be really upset. This is my number one political observation. The Democratic party isn't perfect, but it's a huge improvement over what we have now. Like anything of its size, the wide spectrum of beliefs within the party and the subsequent divisions are inevitable--I just hope enough unity can be achieved to get through the November election.

It is my day off. I worked a lot this past week, and I am so glad to give my arm a break and to hang out with my sister this afternoon and to go see The Bourne Supremacy tonight. When I woke up this morning I had the same reaction that I used to have when I'd wake up early on a Saturday morning thinking I had to go to school--the blissful realization that there's really nothing I absolutely must get done today.

Time off means more time to worry (ehh) but also more time to be productive in ways other than getting lots of waffle cones made or scraping tubs or taking care of a big group of customers. And being productive with a nice supplement of perfectly allowed lazy-time makes me happy.

Yesterday my boss and his wife took a small road trip to Valparaiso so they could sample the brand of ice cream carried in a friend's store. The ice cream, the Chocolate Shoppe brand from Wisconsin, is apparently really delicious and really well-named. They have Halley's Comet (caramel and chocolate and vanilla) and Fat Elvis (peanut butter and banana with chocolate--mmm, I love Elvis sandwiches, so this would be the perfect ice cream for me) and tons of other really unique flavors. Right now I'm printing off a huge list of the flavors. I love the ice cream business. I honestly think that if I ever needed to enter the retail world as an adult, it would be ice cream-related. Because of the trip, I got to be alone in the shop for a couple of hours. I got to sign off on a big delivery, which was more exciting than I would readily admit. Later, a girl from the other store came to work with me, and it was really fun getting to know her better. I mostly work alone with my boss, and have only spoken at length with a couple of the employees. It's fun to work with a person close in age from time to time.

I need to go start my day, now that it's already noon.


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