Jul. 11th, 2004

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I'm getting my room organized. It's so great. I hate cleaning that involves rags and solutions and vacuums, but I love cleansing. I do this periodically, but this time it seems so much more important to sort and categorize and actually get rid of junk because the life-changing black hole I refer to as college is looming only six weeks into the future.

I went to all three church services today because it was youth Sunday and we had to sing and do all sorts of aspects of the service. Everybody but me had been to camp, so it was a little bit awkward--after all, this sunday is dubbed "Camp Sunday." I was glad when Lydia came to sing with us; she hadn't been to camp either and I "made" her join us in the front so I wouldn't feel so strange. Of course, I've been to camp for the past three years so I knew what was going on. Even so...awkwardness.

Hah! Last night these people in enormous blow-up costumes (chef, sumo wrestler, baby, etc.) came waddling down through the Village promoting their body piercing studio (salon? shop? store? chamber of aesthetic tortures?) Shiva took a picture.

Well. I must get ready for work, since I kind of didn't shower this morning since I kind of hadn't seen the light of 7 a.m. in a really long time. I go to work at 2 o'clock practically 100% of the time. I know exactly what each hour before 2 p.m. feels like on any given day. That's where the to-do lists (which are probably a bit excessive for summertime) come in handy. I can mix things up in a perfectly scheduled fashion.


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