Jun. 7th, 2004

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I know a cold as cold as it gets
I know a darkness
that's darker than coal
A wind that blows
as cold as it gets
Blew out the light of my soul

--Patty Griffin, "Cold as it Gets"

I listened to that Patty Griffin song last night on the way home from the third "Harry Potter" movie, which deserves two thumbs up and was a huge improvement on the first two movies and in my opinion better captured the spirit of the books. It was especially nice to be there with the particular friends I was with (a rather large group, for the best kind of movie-going fun) because we got there nerdily early and were first in line and Dan and Mehran bought cards and we played euchre sitting on a filthy floor until we were made to get up, as we were apparently a fire hazard. It was fantastic. And I think Emma Thompson was so funny and had the most perfect thick glasses ever. And the kid acting is getting so much better. And I liked how aesthetically pleasing everything was...all the bleak shots of the grounds, and nature "doing its thing" and all of that. I'm babbling. I'm happy. Life is grand.

Anyway, the Patty Griffin song is perfect, even if the lyrics do seem rather melodramatic when typed out like this. I don't care. She's a wonderful writer. Anyone who starts a CD with the lyric "Let's write a story of a tidal wave" is absolutely okay with me. Writing! I seem to be mentioning Patty Griffin in practically every entry lately, but I can't help it.

Today was so fun and so summery and so busy! Church, Borders, Graduate Luncheon at church, Target with Becca, ultimate frisbee (!), youth group cookout, ultimate frisbee with youth group people (!), pints of Ben & Jerry's from Payless and Almost Famous with Shiva and Kristen. What a great sad and happy movie. I'm so glad I finally got to see the whole thing.

Sometimes it really scares me to think about how truly messed up the world could become, how precarious everything is. How things could just get blown up left and right, even within the next minute. How horrible life could become, how we might wish we were dead just to escape it. But because of music, I never really BELIEVE that things could get that bad. There's always been a song about everything, something beautiful out of anything worth mourning. As morbid and awful as this sounds, it's almost comforting to think that we could all be killed but maybe there will be something good on the radio and we won't realize what's happening until the last moment and we'll just fly up to Heaven with a song as the second-to-last memory.


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