Jun. 4th, 2004

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If feeling a little bit (inexplicably) sad and a lot cold, putting on a sweatshirt not only helps the cold get warmer but the sadness get happier! I like that. And Patty Griffin helps too. (That was my drive home this evening.)

The best part of tonight was playing Apples to Apples. Even if inappropriate fun was made of Helen Keller.

I'm reading Things Fall Apart Right Now and while I don't think "enjoyment" is the word to describe what I'm deriving from this novel, it's very good. I kind of want to start the Fannie Flagg novel I bought yesterday (Standing in the Rainbow) but I think I should hold off until I finish what I'm reading now. It's fun to be involved with multiple stories at once, but Fannie Flagg novels are kind of consuming and light and it's easy to abandon other books in favor of them.

I am instinctively looking forward to the weekend, even though it's summer now and the weekends are just like the weeks in that there's a glorious lack of school, a decent amount of work, and hopefully plenty of time with friends. Today was essentially as much of a "weekend" day as Saturday will be.

I'm beginning to start designing again and I'll have FTP again very soon so my website will be fresh again! "Again" is a strange word. To do more, to do over, to take up after a period of ceasing....it's almost literally "a gain." Yes, I'm a little bit sleepy.


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