Apr. 1st, 2004

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This afternoon I went to Mrs. MacOwan's office and talked with her about the satisfaction of ego vs. the satisfaction of simplicity, except I didn't use those words. I talked to her about staying on the waitlist at Kenyon, risking further rejection but opening up the chance of being able to know I was accepted there after all. After the conversation I think I might just check the little box on the waitlist postcard that says I'm going somewhere else, write in "Earlham College," and stick that baby in the mailbox.

It's all about the satisfaction of simplicity.

(But. This particular simplicity is complicated, because refusing a position on the waitlist means I will never know whether or not I could have gotten into Kenyon. Then again, if I do choose to stay on the waitlist, I don't have anything with which to supplement my application, so it's not like the admissions staff would have any new strengths or accomplishments to view. I would depend solely on the number of people who turn down an admission offer and the number of people who actually do brilliant stuff this month so they can write to Kenyon about it.)

It's all about the satisfaction of simplicity.

I figured out what to name my painting that I did this past fall and winter. I'm submitting it to the Young Artists show, which is highly selective and rejects entries more often than not, so I'm not really expecting anything. Lots of people from my painting and photo classes are sending entries. Anyway, I'm going to call my painting "future ages will think of us with curiosity," a phrase snatched (though credit will be given) from Woolf's Orlando. I want to call it that because the painting takes place long ago and I painted it from the perspective of one of the curious ones. I don't know exactly who the two women are or what they are saying to one another or how they feel, although I have some ideas since I was the one who created the scene.

I recieved a wide range of title suggestions, today. From Mrs. Yoder, "The Dangling Conversation" (Simon and Garfunkel were playing) and "Tea-Time." From Molly, who is obsessed with Friends, "The One With the Big Red Chair." (She wants me to call the painting of her "The One With Molly's Pink Coat.") Jimmy suggested "something French," as in, I should come up with a poetic-sounding French phrase. I'm glad Virginia Woolf helped me out in the end. To think I was just going to call it "untitled," or perhaps "The Meeting Place"! It's a big, cumbersome, mostly happy painting that took 13 weeks of my life. I wish I were as happy about the one I'm working on now.

Right now I feel better than I have in a long time.
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The first day of April is already almost over! How can this be?


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