Mar. 19th, 2004

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Yesterday I got a prom dress. It happens to look sort of awful in the picture linked here, but it's the only picture I could find, and it doesn't look awful in person. My family was in Indianapolis and I had tried on an exhausting amount of prom dresses (including one that made me look like I was the mother of the bride) and was kind of worn out and maybe slightly whiny but my dad said we should go in Lazarus just because we were there. So we looked around, and my mom spotted the dress, and they only had a size larger than what I usually wear, but I said I would try it on. And it was exactly what I wanted in a dress without previously realizing what I wanted! It won't have to be altered too much, either. And because we had some kind of Lazarus account that had been dormant since we stopped living in Kentucky (nearly six years ago) but not expired, we saved a good amount of money on the dress, bringing the price down to exactly what was spent last year, when the dress was unlabeled as a sale item but was still on sale. Which wasn't a truly horrible amount of money at all.

So I'm excited. And today I'm going to go to All Fired Up with my sister to paint a mug to take to college, and I work from 4-10. When I get home from work I'm going to watch lots of "West Wing," since that's my favorite thing to do now. It's good to have a small and maneagable--yet pleasurable--obsession again.

And I really want to see Eternal Sunshine of the Spotless Mind, especially now that I read a four-star review that mentioned Jim Carrey's "remarkably restrained" performance. (I usually can't stand Jim Carrey, and his remarkably restrained might be remarkably like an "out there" performance for other actors, but the words "remarkably restrained" existing in a sentence with "Jim Carrey" seems promising.) Charlie Kaufman wrote it! I love Charlie Kaufman. If I don't like this movie, I'll just rent Adaptation and watch it for a third time.


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