Mar. 2nd, 2004

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Oh, man, I just get so excited over stuff nobody else cares about and I can't help talking about it! Like tonight at dinner, my dad said he would help me make a plexiglass box to display my Shiva photos, which are currently a lot smaller than I thought they would be and making me really happy. I was so pleased at the prospect of having a clear glass box in which to store them that I started talking about how I print one day and sew the next, and the thread is bright red and I cut the pictures every which way and I really love working on the project and blablablablabla. (Which, according to my French/English dictionary, is the proper way to say "blah blah blah" en fran├žais!)

Actually, the nice thing is this: my family actually does care.

It's been a good day. Becca was joking around after school with some of her friends, and somehow it led to the two of us leaping over every single white parking line on our way to the car. (It helped that we were getting a late start and virtually no one was around, but it was so much fun.) Megan called me Heidi because I wore my hair in braids. Downloading "Weekend Update" is the new comfort food! It's no shocker that comfort food isn't only good when one needs comforting. As already mentioned, I love Photo right now. I love the entire experience of going to Photo class. I've had my Lucky Bingo Bag for a long time (I use it as a camera bag) but Kate recently got one too and now we have a running joke in Photo class about how we go play bingo all the time and how everybody envies our bags. Today it evolved into a mostly serious discussion of nursing homes and fears of what we'll have to decide about our parents someday and how we're afraid we'll be in a nursing home without visitors someday, but even that didn't make me feel especially depressed. Typically, those conversations are upsetting to me. I'm doing some cool Paint Shop Pro stuff, hopefully for my website. I don't have much homework again (maybe this will be an every-other-day thing?) and I'm going to take a shower and drink tea and watch The West Wing. My mom got me a book called Toning For Teens, and despite the cheesy title it has some great workouts that I can do with my handweights, which I already use for keeping my ice cream scooping arm in shape for work. After school Becca and I were shooting hoops and we played a game of horse. When she had "H-O-R" I called her a "little whore" and she seemed almost scandalized for a brief moment in time, during which I remembered that she's sort of sheltered, then we had a great time reveling in immaturity. I'm glad we're friends while I'm still home, it'll make leaving more difficult but the correspondance more pleasing. I predicted that a Newsweek would arrive in the mail and I was exactly right. It's been one of those days when even the mundane seems hilarious and exciting and wonderful.


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