Feb. 21st, 2004

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60% (Dixie). Barely into the Dixie category. I was raised in Kentucky by two Kentuckians, but my mom told me last night (she took the quiz too and got 55% Dixie--the difference in scores came from her use of the word "hoagie" instead of "sub" and my use of the word "crawdad" instead of "crawfish") that as she was growing up she made a conscious effort to adopt Yankee versions of words. While the rest of her family sat on the couch, she sat on the sofa. She wanted her groceries in a bag, but the clerk would offer them in a sack. I thought that was funny. My dad scored 70%!

Last night at work my boss showed me the new set of colorful dry erase markers (he'd bought them on the way to work that morning) and had me re-do all the signboards in the place, except the one for the Flavor of the Week. So about two hours of work didn't even feel like work. I had so much fun! Ever since last summer, when I asked him if I could update one of the signboards so it would be more seasonal, he's let me do all the lettering and embellishing. I think he's happy that I actually enjoy doing it, but to me it feels like a special privilege. I guess it just goes to show that if you know you want something, it can never hurt to take the necessary steps, to just ask. The dry erase markers were truly touching. I finally said "I am way too excited about these dry erase markers!" but really, there's no getting too excited over something that has red, orange, green, blue, brown (perfect for the words "chocolate-dipped"), black, and a fluffy eraser. The shop got really busy around 10 o'clock (closing time), so I stayed until 10:45. It was great--I love it when big groups come in. Everybody seems happy.

I'm excited to see Lost in Translation today. I've heard many different opinions, and have waited a long time to see for myself.

Since I didn't watch Moulin Rouge last weekend, I am definitely going to tomorrow after youth group. For some reason, this makes me as happy as anything else. It's strange how much a movie can become. I haven't seen it in nearly a year, probably, but I can still remember being utterly obsessed. It's something I've loved since I was 15 and in Driver's Education.

I really want to design a new layout for my site. For a long time, I felt like my site was really the reason I was online at all. I was constantly thinking of new additions, new designs. I no longer have that drive. I love working on images in Paint Shop Pro, and love messing around on Photoshop at school, but as often as not I'm making 100x100 livejournal icons as opposed to the basis for websites. I've always loved the visual design aspect more than the coding--my coding remains very, very simple. Writing here feels a lot more special to me than having a website, but I'm pretty sure I'll always want to have a site because it remains a great outlet from time to time. The days of being hosted at fadingdaylight.net were definitely the highlight of having a place on the web, but if you go there now you'll get pornography. (I learned that the hard way when I didn't update my AIM profile after changing websites, and several people messaged me to say they'd just clicked on the link to "my site" and ended up seeing porn.) Oh well, I love 27names.org, too.
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+ awkward at goodbyes/goodnights.
+ awkward over the spelling of the word 'awkward'.
+ drained from Lost In Translation.
+ happy that I finally saw Lost In Translation.
+ happy that I liked it so much even though I think Megan was the only other one who did.
+ ready for Saturday Night Live.
+ thrilled by my nice letter from the Earlham English dept.
+ always tired.
+ embarrassed by my driving faux pas. (embarrassed enough to not type it out).
+ uncertain.
+ satisfied because I finally ate some french fries.
+ perplexed that I was craving french fries in the first place.
+ like listening to "More Than This" by the 10,000 Maniacs about 10,000 times. (the karaoke scene was one of my favorites).


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