Feb. 20th, 2004

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Today in Psychology we watched a film that included a segment on a boy with such severe epilepsy that he had to have the left half of his brain removed. Over the next three years he worked to recover, and his right brain has taken over many of the tasks formerly left to the left brain. He should be able to have a relatively "normal" life--he can speak again and can even swim, despite the weaknesses in the right half of his body. Part of the actual surgery was filmed, and even though I'm not terribly squeamish about such things, I keep imagining my head without the left part of my brain. Even though I'm not exactly sure where my brain is (obviously, in the general vicinity of the head!) I had the reverse of phantom pains all through class--instead of feeling the aching presence of a limb in the way an amputee might, I felt the aching absence of the left half of my brain. It was sort of disgusting.

I remember the test we took in 10th grade Health class about personality types. The test results labeled me a type A/B, and I think that's very accurate. I can be motivated and impatient and outgoing, but there are times when I have no problem just sitting back and allowing things to happen. I do wish I were better at not allowing myself to become pre-occupied. I'm going to have to leave for work before I can finish making plans for tomorrow, because I am waiting for Megan to call me back. I know I'll have a good time tomorrow, and that the worst-case scenario will be that it won't work out exactly as I envision it. But even after years of making plans with my friends, I still love to know exactly what is going on. True spontenaity is one thing, but planning ahead is another and I like everything clean-cut and running smoothly--impossibly so, to be specific.

I'm nervous about work. It's just been so long. I'm going early so I'll have plenty of time to try to memorize where the ice creams are and how to make certain sundaes after my two month absence. It has always seemed like it rains an unusually large number of the times I go to work, and tonight is no exception. At least there are nice large windows in the shop through which I can watch the weather, and at least this means the crowds won't be very populated and I won't have to rush about wildly on my first night back. It'll be great to be in that environment again.


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