Feb. 16th, 2004

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I tried to check the Kenyon, Carleton, and Common app websites to see if I could get confirmation that the mid-year reports I sent weeks ago arrived. Maybe I didn't go to the correct parts of the sites, but I couldn't find any way of confirming this. Actually, I couldn't find any way of confirming that the applications themselves had arrived, though I think I got a postcard from Carleton and maybe some sort of email from Kenyon months ago. So after several weeks of feeling increasingly better about the college situation, I am at loose ends again.

Good thing I have to talk to my guidance counselor about student council stuff tomorrow. (She's also the student council sponsor.)

My boss called me tonight, and I'm scheduled to work 7-10 on Friday after two months of being off. I guess the people are coming out of hibernation and want ice cream again. I'm excited. It's been so long since I've been in that lovely environment of ice cream scooping and people-watching and money-earning. As soon as I got off the phone with Don, I went to my room and did ten reps with my hand weights because I'm scared I've lost my strength and won't be able to scoop the ice cream as well as I once did.

Speaking of coming out of hibernation, I finished Invisible Man tonight. After enjoying so much of the book, I somehow feel twisted up and unsettled. I wanted it to really be over, but it doesn't feel over at all. (And at the same time, it has a very literary ending, whatever that means.) I just don't know.

There is a small green rectangle in the bottom left part of the screen and it is driving me insane. I typed some strange combination of keys by accident, and it simply appeared. I tried to mimic my finger-spaz but failed because it's still there. This has happened before, and I can't remember how I got rid of it.

I have to study for Government and Psychology quizzes tonight, and I have to make puppy chow for the SHO bake sale. We sold out of a lot of stuff today, so the supply has to be replenished. Whether the people buying brownies (including the world-famous "Frau brownies") and puppy chow and cookies really care about the earthquake victims in Iran or not, I'm so happy people are buying lots of unhealthy food and consequently helping out with the school-building effort over there.

How is it that nothing ever seems resolute or firm or definite any more? [EDIT: almost nothing.] It probably never was, but suddenly, out of laziness and for lack of a better term, I am like "whoa."
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And Cheers makes me feel better before I can feel worse. Norm threw a toga party at Cheers for his accounting office and was the only one who dressed up.


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