Feb. 11th, 2004

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I absolutely love the way some words are put together so simply. They always seem to be the ones that strike a chord or hit the nail on the head or inspire any of a thousand other clich├ęd ways of describing genuine reactions. A Belle & Sebastian song begins, "It's been a bloody stupid day" and that lyric, combined with the music, is full with as much if not more meaning as a complicated metaphor. And in English on Tuesday, Mrs. Helton was commenting some lines of Invisible Man she likes and the last part is " 'Money without dignity-- that's bahd shit!' " Well, yes. Words are the best love affair ever! So far. So far.

And today was really happy. Even though they wouldn't be as special, I think all Wednesdays should become random "Records Day, No School for Students" Wednesdays. The only bloody stupid thing about today was that Molly and I decided it would be fun to go see The Perfect Score. Worst movie ever. Worst dialogue ever. Worst premise ever. I was pained for Scarlett Johannson. We had the theater to ourselves until two of my little sisters friends came. So in addition to feeling the ridiculousness of the movie, we had the added embarrassment of having chosen the same movie as two thirteen-year-old girls. However, we weren't truly scarred by the experience, which was saved only by our frequent ridiculing comments and the fact that we went to Starbucks and Borders afterwards as a little consolation prize.

The Perfect Score was sandwiched between two great movies, though. Last night at Shiva's I watched Edward Scissorhands. I'd seen small, scattered portions last year, but never the whole thing. It's fantastic. And just tonight, my sister and I watched Bend It Like Beckham, which was also a really fun, well-done film. I just got back from taking it to Movie Gallery (I realized with a start a couple weeks ago that it's no longer called Video Update, and apparently hasn't been for some time). I wasn't thinking about having to take the movie back when I changed into sweats, so I made a bra-less, coat-less, five-minute trip to the store, wearing my mom's slip-on clogs. Oh yeah.

And it was perfectly comfortable too, because today was wonderfully warm. In other words, above freezing. I think I'll be able to wear my new pink skirt in a matter of weeks.


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