sidewalksparkle: (a pleasant tomorrow)
2004-02-04 05:31 pm

"I yam what I am"

English was great today. I was probably more amused than anyone else by Mrs. H's pre-class response to what Preethi said about being a dork. "Up with the dorks! We love dorks!" I don't know why unexpected things are always endlessly hilarious to me, but they are. The genuine but almost unnatural phrasing of "Up with the dorks!" is the best thing I heard all day. And everybody seemed to be in a good mood despite the overwhelmingly negative adjectives we used to describe our papers to each other. I am really enjoying Invisible Man--maybe my second paper on the book will partially do it justice, since my first does not. I like all the yam talk in chapter thirteen; it makes so much sense (and "yams" are kind of fun, anyway).

Speaking of talk, I could hardly speak today in student council. I felt like I had a mouthful of molasses as I took attendance, partially because there were a lot of absences and we had to keep starting and stopping. This was probably one of those situations that was more pronounced in my head, however. But then, as I read a thank-you letter from the Riley Hospital, I stumbled over "$570,570" several times. I simply could not say it. I kept saying "five-hundred-and-seventy-and-five-hundred-and-seventy-thousand." At least, I think that's what I said--it's all a blur. Finally, I wrote the figure on the chalkboard amidst loud laughter, some of which I contributed myself. Kate called out, "Count the zeros, Katie!" It was so funny. I did try saying it later and achieved success, but it should be pointed out that it is rare for the digits on both sides of the comma to be the same.

I didn't go to school for the first two hours today (French and my new study hall) because I had to study for Government. I was up till almost one a.m. with my awful English paper and could hardly function when I woke up. The not-being-able-to-function was worse than usual; I didn't hesitate a second before asking my mom if I could stay home. I rarely skip, but it felt absolutely necessary this morning. It's amazing how long the time at home felt compared to the same amount of time when spent at school.

I'm very excited for this weekend. The definites are shooting photos and baby-sitting Tyler and Charlie. There'll be a new Saturday Night Live, too. And I don't anticipate enormous quantities of homework, so I'll be able to go out and have fun. (Come to think of it, that happens even when I do have enormous quantities of homework, which is why weekends are such a wonderful aspect of our culture.)

Because of today's Government test, my no longer being in Calculus, our predictable French homework schedule, and the upcoming Psychology project, the only homework I have tonight is reading for English. This means I could actually get a good nights sleep, make some progress in The Lord of the Rings: The Fellowship of the Ring, and get started on super-fun financial aid forms with my dad. I've not been doing much of that lately.

Painting feels good again. I feel like sharing this, because I was a little worried that it wasn't going to. But the actual act of painting has become enjoyable and exciting once again. And along simlar lines, I still enjoy winter but am ready for spring. And there's something uplifting about driving into a parking lot two hours later than usual with a good song playing and the sun reflecting off the snow.

"If my family tree goes back to the Romans
Then I will change my name to Jones
If my family tree goes back to Napolean
Then I will change my name to Smith"

--Belle & Sebastian, "Family Tree"