Jan. 25th, 2004

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I saw one of my dad's colleagues at Von's today and had the best "how's the college search going?" conversation ever.

Him: Hi!
Me: Hi, how are you?
Him: Fine, how are you?
Me: I'm doing great!
Him: How's the college search going?
Me: It's going okay...everything is still up in the air, but it's going fine.
Him: You must have all of these thoughts in your head.
Me: [nods and smiles]

And that was that. "You must have all of these thoughts in your head." No quick promises that everything will work out perfectly, no advice, no further questions, no reassurances, no stories told in an attempt to convince me that he too was once a high school senior...You must have all of these thoughts in your head.

I am very grateful.
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New snow makes me scream "I LOVE SNOW!!!", which is what I did when we were leaving Dane's house after youth group. Dane's living room is painted a beautiful orange. I usually don't use the word "beautiful" with "orange," but it's a wonderful room. We watched "Bruce Almighty." I can't say I enjoyed it--I laughed at the scene when the annoying newscaster is made to speak in a silly voice, but I think that you really have to like Jim Carrey to like a Jim Carrey movie. And I don't. He's like a talking rubber band sculpture.

Anyway, the snow. I'm not getting my hopes up over school cancellations (okay, I am, but I'm telling myself that I'm not) but it's just so beautiful. I love the way the streetlights hit the snow and everything glows. I love how, when driving home, the snowflakes made me feel like I was entering warp speed. It's exciting.


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