Jan. 17th, 2004

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Coffee! I've been home for almost an hour but I'm wide awake. I'm happy in that caffeinated way. At Café Vienna these guys from a 400-level Psychology class assumed Molly, Kristen, Amy, Ashley, and I were Purdue students and asked if we would be in a video of theirs. We said sure, but the first question was "Give us your years and majors" and we all simultaneously wondered whether or not we should lie or tell the truth and we all sorted of muttered about being in high school but--but!--being seniors. The guy in charge, who also appeared in the video, looked really surprised but then said "Oh, that's cool...we can have a little variance." The questions were about what girls would like from guys. One question involved "What qualities do you look for in a hook-up versus an actual relationship?" I answered first and was sort of proud when I said "I actually don't go for hook-ups." I neglected to mention that I've never been in a tempting do-I-or-do-I-not-hook-up situation, but it was fine because the others agreed that they weren't big on hook-ups either. And it's true. Even next year, living away from home without supervision, I honestly don't think I would be tempted to put myself up for that kind of screwy emotional/physical one-night-only thing.

They also asked about what compliments we like to recieve, which three of us answered. There was one question we didn't answer--what girls think guys don't understand about the female gender. It was the opening question, and I think we were still struck dumb by the fact that we'd just admitted the excess of our youth. The whole situation was slightly embarrassing, but I guess it's flattering to know that we've finally reached the stage where we can go to a campus hang-out and appear to be actual college students. And the guys were nice people.

(I actually have some potential ideas for a project I could do in my own Psychology class.)

When the guys left, we thought of all the perfect responses, of course. I don't know why I didn't just jump in and say that I think many men and boys don't understand that females don't find jokes about the inferiority of women amusing. While guys often say things like "Why don't you give a woman a watch for her birthday? Because there's a clock on the stove!" out of pure silliness, I think those jokes allude to a time when women were treated as second-class citizens as a rule rather than in unfortunate events of discrimination. (This might be hypocritical, as there are many "feminist" jokes about inept men, but I think it's something that should be discussed.) As far as the hook-up question, Kristen favored "Hey, you've just come across the five remaining virgins on campus--all in one place!" And I wished I could have thought of saying, in stone-faced mock seriousness, "The number one quality I look for in a hook-up is the presence of a condom!"

While I have no qualms whatsoever about joking around like that, I do wonder what it will be like when I meet so many new people next year. It's been so long since I've actively looked for new friends. All the friends I have know my sense of humor--which does not usually include silly jokes about condoms--and I know theirs as well. I'm not afraid of branching out, but it's going to be interesting to see who my friends will become and why I will connect to the people I connect with. (Right now, I'm trying not to think of the horrible possibility of not connecting to anyone, alone with my goody-goody actions and unpredictible words). Today, for instance, I was looking at the sketch of people around a table that Jimmy was working on for his painting. I had posed in the digital image he used to get a sense of the set-up, and I couldn't tell if he'd drawn the rough figures in his sketch wearing clothes or not. So I asked him "Do these people have clothes on?" He said that they did but mentioned "Unless you don't want to be wearing any...(ha ha)" and I said "Jimmy, I want you to paint a naked picture of me." Next year I will probably have to know people for at least two weeks before I can facetiously ask them to paint me sans clothing. I hoping I don't censor myself next year, but I also hope I make good first impressions.

Actually, I'm really excited about moving somewhere new and meeting new people. I'm just going to miss my old friends so much. Even though I'll get to see them on break, it's hard to imagine not sharing every detail in the way we share them now. I'm glad I live in the age of Internet technology.
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I thought I was going to go see Lost in Translation tonight with some people, but I guess it's not happening...(?)

Right now, I want a summer night, complete with a thunderstorm. I would like to have moved into a country house with white wooden siding and hard-wood floors in time for this event, so I could sit on a big wrap-around porch in a swing, a few feet away from the noisy rain, eating raspberry sorbet and drinking lemonade and laughing with my friends. The sky would clear in the middle of the night, but it the air would be cool the next morning. I'd drive to the airport and sit waiting for my flight to somewhere with a bagel and a magazine.

I was so happy last night. It's carried over into today.

I bought some tan cargo pants at Target when I went there with my mom this afternoon. They're really soft and baggy and unlike the pairs of pants I usually wear.

Tomorrow, my parents and I are going to the Earlham campus. I'm staying in the dorms with an unknown person; I am really nervous about this, but excited to experience life in an Earlham dorm firsthand. (I didn't sign up to stay in the dorm for my Kenyon or Northwestern trips, because the Kenyon trip was just my dad and me and we were going to get to Ohio pretty late at night and the Northwestern trip doubled as Evanston/Chicago sight-seeing time, since we lived in Evanston for the first three years of my life minus the first eight or nine months). I got the itinerary of the Earlham trip in the mail, and it seems like it's going to be really interesting. I get to sign up to sit in on classes, take a tour, hear a couple speakers, eat lunch with faculty, etc. After this, my only remaining college trip will be an official tour of the IU campus in Bloomington. (I've been to Bloomington briefly, but never to talk to anybody about specific college stuff or to take a campus tour.)

I'm trying to get as much done as possible before 11:30 so I can watch Saturday Night Live in peace. Getting "as much done as possible" technically involves leaving the Internet for the Calculus book and the duffle bag and Faulkner as Surrealist article. I wish I was at the movies.


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