Jan. 7th, 2004


Jan. 7th, 2004 08:55 pm
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I have lost my CD case with all my (good) CDs. I haven't seen it since yesterday. I got the case for Christmas and hadn't put my name in it yet. I thought I might have left it at school, but when I checked there today it seemed to be gone. So I went home after school and looked around there--also gone. I drove back to school. The secretaries were gone so I couldn't find out if it was behind the desk, but I did check the general lost-and-found, my English room (since the last I really remember having it was there, even though I don't think I left it there) and Madame's room (I thought I might have dropped it there while picking up my pie dish). Nowhere. I'm so sad--I had over 30 really wonderful CDs in that case. My music is so important to me. I have enormous memories associated with each CD, even the Belle & Sebastian and Beatles CDs I'd just recieved. (There is also the practical matter of having spent a lot of money over a long period of time on these discs.) I'm going to put some signs up around school, asking people to return it to me if they find it. Hopefully, people will be on the look-out. If I never get it back, I have a plan--I will compile a list of all the CDs I miss most (using the empty cases) and ask my friends which of those CDs they have. Then I'll buy a bunch of blank CDs and ask various people with burning capabilities to make me copies. Then I will guard them with my life and not do stupid things like get sleep-deprived and leave them someplace without thinking.

Despite all the craziness and intense homework load of this week (having a disturbed sleep schedule is so much more fun during vacations!), I am having fun for some reasons. It's the little things, like Mrs. H startling us by yelling "Bitchery and abomination!" in the style of Old Doc Hines as Nikhil was reading aloud from Light In August. Like flipping the page on my "Word-A-Day" calendar. Like going to sleep late but lying in bed for awhile, thinking about being warm and relieved to be at rest instead of thinking about sleeping.

I'm writing this on commercial breaks from The West Wing. It's so great to just "chill." It's only Wednesday, but it feels like years since winter vacation. Tonight I actually worked on Calculus and that was my main goal for the day. I'm going to sleep--tonight. Not early, early morning. Tonight!


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