Jan. 3rd, 2004

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An Affair to Remember is a really, really good movie.

I need to watch it again in a room without guys. Or a room with sensitive guys. No, actually just a room without guys. Sigh. I can't believe I didn't see this movie sooner.
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I don't think I've ever watched so many movies in a period of 15 days. (Vacation is 16 days long and I'm holding onto that last day. It begins in 52 minutes.) I've seen at least nine. That actually doesn't seem like such an enormous amount of movies, but for someone who loves movies as much as I do, I don't typically see them all that often. Tonight I watched the newer Freaky Friday with my family and they all went downstairs and I stayed up and watched The Hours, because I love it and Kristen gave it to me for Christmas and I wanted to see it before I get swept back into having a busy schedule. I saw it in the theatre, so this was the second time I watched it. I think I liked it more on this viewing. I've read the book a bunch of times, so I essentially knew what was coming when I saw the movie originally, but having the memory of each scene as I watched it tonight allowed me to focus on details and lighting and facial expressions in a way I didn't before.

But I feel my brain getting closer to school:

I have 114 words of my English paper; 50 or so are debatable. Oh great.

I'm scared that I won't be able to focus on Calculus next week, seeing as I'll probably be getting out for next semester and it feels like next semester will be beginning on Monday when in actuality we have five days of the old semester left. I can't explain why I think about this class so much. I mean, I'm obviously very concerned about my grade and about how it will effect everything else, but I'll be sitting someplace thinking about it and I will realize I haven't been in the classroom for two weeks and with a jolt I'll think, "That's so surreal!" Shouldn't the word "surreal" be reserved for crazy dreams and unexpected conversations and funny scenarios? Not anymore, I guess--now, Calculus is surreal.

I found a French apple tart recipe on the Internet. It is written in French, which is the requirement. Unfortunately, I've somehow managed to live for 18 years without learning French cooking instructions. I need to spend some time with my French dictionary. I just don't understand how Mme E neglects to teach us something we need for an assignment, then expects us to go above and beyond. I thought French class was easy for about 16 weeks, then suddenly everything went off-kilter and it all seemed very annoying (almost everybody else thought it was annoying all along--maybe I'm a bit of a late bloomer) and I screwed up the final (general consensus was that we all did, though) and now I have to make tartes aux pommes in the French manner and somehow write about it in French or be able to explain the tarts to the class in French without knowing French. I could always choose something else, but I don't want to do some other dumb project either. And later next week we have the oral part of the final--have we recieved any guidelines as to what it will be over? Oh, and we have our oral interviews too. Do we know what to expect from those? Do we? Do we?

It is a Saturday night. Somewhat by choice, I did not go out and do anything. I stayed home and watched a gorgeous movie about, well, life. And then, not fifteen minutes after finishing this film, which actually brought tears to my eyes (something it did not do on the first viewing), I am working myself up over the fact that I don't know what where to turn next in the world of tartes aux pommes. I am slightly disgusted with myself; I can be such a baby.

In 36 minutes, the last day of vacation begins.


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