Dec. 20th, 2006

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There is no US Bank location at home, so all of my money except for $2.18 is in the account I can access easily here. A perfect scenario, except I forgot that my $9.99/month eMusic subscription comes out of my US Bank account. The charge has showed up on my available balance, but it hasn't shown in my actual balance. I just called US Bank customer service, and a chipper man who kept calling me "ma'am" informed me that I will indeed be getting an overdraft charge at about 9 a.m. tomorrow morning. The only way to avoid this charge would be to somehow convince eMusic to delay the transaction, but it's already gone through and there is no phone number listed on their website.

I am so frustrated! I try to be really responsible with money, and this is such a dumb little thing that is causing me so much stress. The charge will apparently be no more than $35 (which is weird--I feel like I have friends who've been charged more), but that's quite a chunk when you think of it in terms of books or Goodwill clothes or cheap alcohol or Christmas presents, and quite a small but needed amount when you consider the value of the British pound.

So now I have to get up early tomorrow to wire money from one bank account to the other, and even that won't prevent the charge--I'll still have to spend money simply because I spent money I do have from a location which happened not to have it any more.

The weird thing is, as upset as I am about the money, I am even more upset over the fact that I have to wait until tomorrow to get everything straightened out. Until then, I have this weird debt floating over me. I really need to try not to think about this until I can actually do something, but it's difficult to stop obsessing over how frustrated I am and how ridiculous I feel. I've done everything I can do: I called customer service, I switched my eMusic payments to the account that actually has money so this won't happen again, I told my parents what had happened and asked for their advice, and I looked into all my options and found one that happens to not take effect until tomorrow morning. And I still can't stop wondering how much the charge will be and freaking out about all this unfinished dinner.


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