Oct. 3rd, 2004

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It was so wonderful to see my family; we had a fabulous, relaxed time. I was so happy. They took me places! In a car! Places like restaurants, stores, the Fairfield Inn...I got a new water bottle to replace my lost one and blue tights and other fun-ness. The concert on Saturday night was amazing--there are such talented people here. And my family really liked college meeting for worship, too.

On Friday night Becca stayed with us in the dorm. I wish I could have showed her a typical weekend night for me, but since so many people were with their families, we ended up walking to the coffeeshop at 11:30 that night, sharing a strawberry smoothie, and talking for an hour about stuff you can't think to say in letters or on the phone. We laughed so much. She's so awesome.

Now I am swamped with work, but it was worth it. I loved having visitors. Now I'm really excited about going home this Thursday for mid-semester break. Whoa, it's mid-semester already?

I'm a little glum now, but it doesn't feel like homesickness. I think all the stuff that's in the back of my mind can be really good but it can also be really worrisome, and being alone in a room just pushes it to the forefront. Oh well. Also, I had two separate incidents make me angry today (read: hurt my feelings, which for some reason I hate admitting) and I handled neither of them properly (read: assertively).

Soon I'm going to do a picture entry, because I finally got film back from the first six weeks of school.


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