Sep. 28th, 2004

an hour

Sep. 28th, 2004 04:49 pm
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Suddenly it's overcast and windy outside. I just finished reading an awesome zine called "I Was A Teenage Mormon" and eating saltine crackers. I've got an hour till I need to go to AAR, and I know perfectly well that I should use that hour to work on my Iliad paper, which I have not started. The only artificial light in the room is from the lamp on my nightstand, and as a result the room feels really cozy and comfortable and homey. I do not feel like doing my work. I feel like wrapping up in my fleece blanket and watching Fried Green Tomatoes on my computer screen, with headphones.

I got back two of my previous homework assignments from computer science, and I was absolutely thrilled--I'd received a 92 on the first, and the second and third were 100 and 88 respectively. Maybe it is reasonable for me to be in this class. It would be nice if I were better at memorizing syntax rules, but I'll take what I can get.

It's a mystery why I don't feel stressed out over this paper. I do feel worried about it, but I'm not worried enough to get to work. This is a running theme lately. There is always either something else do to or something, someone, an idea, that I'd rather be thinking about.

I hope it rains really hard tonight.


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