Jul. 17th, 2004


Jul. 17th, 2004 11:45 pm
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Last night/this morning was so fun. It was like being in junior high again except without all the "drama." So in other words, it wasn't at all like being in junior high. But it was a sleepover. It seems like everybody has the same sleeping bag! We laughed. We ate a lot of chocolatey things. We watched When Harry Met Sally, which was even cuter than I remembered. (Everybody kept moaning like Harry. That's my favorite scene of the movie, when Harry and Sally are "just friends" and they're on the phone before bed.) I love my friends.

Maybe all the sugar is part of why I've felt so tired all day. I didn't stay up much later than I often do, and I took today off work since two of my aunts and one of my cousins are visiting, so there's got to be another factor. I took my first nap of the summer. Usually, a bit of ice cream is the most sugary thing I eat on a regular basis. But in the past couple of days, between the sleepover and having relatives here, I've had M&Ms, oatmeal coconut chocolate cookies (mmm), banana pudding, more ice cream than usual...and there's some coconut cake in the fridge that I haven't touched yet! It's yucky and fantastic all at once. Mostly yucky, actually, except for the exact moments when I am eating.

Tomorrow is their last day. These visits always go so fast! We've been busy--eating, the fair, eating, Wolf Park, eating, etc. And tomorrow I have to work for three hours and go to youth group elections, too. At least my night is free. On the day they leave, Dad comes back from D.C. and Daniel comes back from the East Coast. It'll be so good to see them again.

I should sleep so I can actually function in the morning. Sometimes there's a nice peace that comes with feeling lazy and tired, but sometimes it is simply depressing.


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