Jul. 4th, 2004


Jul. 4th, 2004 12:28 am
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I saw The Notebook tonight and didn't think it was too sappy and sentimental or too designed for tears: I cried earnestly at the end (sweet sad love music + James Garner crying = me crying) and am glad I went to see it on the big screen. I love rain in movies. I thought all the actors were so well cast--and again we see that Joan Allen is everywhere. (I loved how both mother and daughter use the phrase "I'm a stupid woman.") I wonder if Dr. K would have liked this movie.

It rained in the real world today, too--my boss stood at the big glass window-wall and watched. I was making waffle cones with my back to the weather, but I kept turning around to look at the trees thrashing around in the wind. I hope it doesn't storm tomorrow (fireworks) but today it was nice.

Making waffle cones seems to be my redeeming quality, the thing that gives me purpose after I feel like crap for not understanding taxes and the technical aspect of computers and other "adult things" I should be learning. At least I know how to make waffle cones. And sundaes. Let's not forget sundaes. Mmm.

I think I only have four bug bites (four active itching ones, at least) but the cycle of itching is so complicated and varied and INTENSELY ANNOYING that you'd think I have twenty. Small price to pay for the joyousness of summer, I guess.

(Edit: I'm reading The Corrections by Jonathan Franzen. I'm maybe 25% done and I can't say I like it, though I'm very interested and I keep reading. I find all the characters distasteful, which is probably part of the point. And it's so depressing. Parkinson's Disease is depressing--my grandfather suffered for years because of that illness. Sex addiction is depressing--and in this case, disgusting. Obsession has many depressing aspects. Forced, sunny, cheerful, nagging desperation is depressing. Spoiled children are depressing. And I have over four hundred pages more of this laugh-fest. I can't stop now, though--I really hate leaving books unfinished.)


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