Jun. 16th, 2004

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I love my job, but sometimes customers are so frustrating!

Me: Would you like lids on these?
Lady: What?
Me: Would you like some lids on these cups?
Lady: Oh, no...we're just going to take them out.
Me: So, are these to-go?
Lady: (pause) These are to-go.
Me: Would you like any lids on them?
Lady: Yes, lids.
I put lids on the cups of ice cream and place them in a brownbag.
Lady: Oh, I need them in two bags; they're for two different people. Sorry for all this trouble!
Me: It's no trouble! Your total is...blah blah blah

She was probably hard-of-hearing and she had a horrible time just articulating what she wanted to order, so I really shouldn't make fun. But sometimes making fun is the best way to get through it. The lady was by herself, so I don't know who the "we're" was. I don't think she even wanted any ice cream for herself. And she certainly had mercurial feelings in regard to to-go lids!

For the most part, however, I love talking to strangers on the basis of ice cream. It's almost always really interesting.

It's nice to have a day off, though...a day to exist purely as the consumer rather than as the consumed. (Ha. Ha. Ha.)
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Somehow I made it all this time without knowing how massive turkey legs truly are. Today I ordered one when Molly and I had lunch together at Southern Flava, and I was really shocked by the enormous quantity of meat that was set before me. It was relatively good, but I ended up overwhelmed and wasted quite a lot of food. Maybe I should consider full-fledged vegetarianism. Maybe in college? I should do some reading. It wasn't difficult to go non-red meat at all.

Today was full of allusions to Invisible Man! Molly ate some candied yams at lunch, so of course we had to talk about "I yam what I am." Then, during Prisoner of Azkaban (her first viewing and my second), Molly leaned over and whispered "It's like 'be your own father'" during the part when Harry realizes it wasn't his father who cast the spell, but himself.

It's been a lovely day off. Not only did Molly and I have lunch and watch a movie, but I went with her to take care of Madame's cat (Mathilda, the most affectionate--lonely?--cat I've ever met) since Madame's in Switzerland and went to the Silver Dipper to kill time before the movie. When you're used to eating tiny quantities of ice cream in a small backroom on break, there's nothing better than sitting on a stool by a window, leisurely licking an actual full-sized ice cream cone.

This entire Harry Potter phenomenon is wonderful. I feel excited about it in the same way things used to excite me when I was younger, not because it's really juvenille but because it's believable magic and that's a very childlike thing to find enjoyable.


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