May. 1st, 2004

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Work tonight (Friday) was FANTASTIC. I've been having such trouble with it lately, and this shift seemed like it would be terrible because I had a migrane before I left. The sinuses in my cheeks were very, very upset about something. But 30 minutes into work the three Excedrin I took kicked in. I usually take the recommended two because I don't like the idea of too much medication, but the extra caffeine and pain relief was more than appreciated. I should be on an Excedrin commercial, except I use the generic kind from Wal-Mart. It helps me more than any other medicine. Headaches are horrible.

I didn't spill anything or break anything or bend over backwards apologizing for any stupid mistakes. We got four new ice creams this morning from a wonderful place called the Mackinac Island Creamery. Wonderful sounding flavors like Black Swan Quebec something-or-other, Victorian Strawberry (cream cheese ice cream with soft fudgey strawberry stuff!), Caramel Mountain Trails, Mackinac Peanut Butter Fudge...oh, wow. Lots of our ice cream comes from Michigan anyway, and but stuff is especially amazing. A lot more of the selection will come from the Creamery in the future, I think. All this is very exciting to me, I love this business. We were very busy the whole night. An enormous group from the university child care came, parents and kids and teachers and student workers. I think it was the students last day, because the party seemed like a goodbye. Two of the people there were a couple from my salsa class! It was great to see them, especially since we never really got to talk during the class, as we were all trying feverishly to keep up with the dancing. We had a magnificent thunderstorm and as I cleaned the outside door I breathed in so much fresh air. We were so busy that my boss gave me a free pint of some of our new ice cream to take home, because "I earned it." I listened to Nellie McKay so loudly on the way home, to make up for the necessary, head-throbbing silence on the drive there. And tomorrow is going to be wonderful because I don't work at all and I think I'm going to go see "Mean Girls" with my sister and hopefully Molly's play tomorrow night if there are tickets available and I'm going to get earrings for prom and I'm going to sleep and watch Saturday Night Live and do the last bit of student council work. Not at all in that order, but the point is how wonderful things are.

When I have a bad time at work, I hate myself. When I have a good time at work, I fall in love with the entire human race! I think that's fair.


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