Apr. 4th, 2004

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Oh, man. (I always feel like I should follow up that phrase with "Oh, woman.") I am exhausted. I worked Friday from 4-10:30 and got up this morning at 10 and took pictures of Amy for a photo project at 11 and went to this lunch thing that wasn't very fun and came home in a disproportionately horrible mood (by that I mean it was REALLY horrible) and went for a walk with my mom that completely mended me (because my mom is amazing) and then worked from 2:30-10:55. We would have closed at 10, except practically every male Mormon in the county came into the shop starting at a few minutes before the hour and stayed till Don started turning off lights. That sounds like a joke but it isn't; they had their annual conference today and some of the group came to get ice cream. (This happened last year, too--I was working that night.) I came home and watched Saturday Night Live and laughed at everything, probably because I'm tired. Tomorrow I have church and work from 2-5 and all sorts of youth group/church stuff (the music from "Jesus Christ Superstar"!) in the evening. I also have to write an entire poetry explication on Adrienne Rich's "Rape," which I haven't started beyond a page of pre-writing stuff I hurriedly typed up to show Mrs. Helton. And I need to write my cover letter to go with the portfolio for the art scholarship I'm working on.

The good thing is that tons of people I know have come into the ice cream shop. I LOVE seeing people I'm friends with during work. Also, I don't have to work nearly as much next weekend, so I'll have time for actual social time that involves seeing said friends in places where I'm not separated from them by a counter and rows of ice cream and toppings. And I'm making a whole lot of money this weekend. Money is important to me now. It's funny how my "sales tactics" at the Silver Dipper have changed in the past year. If someone asked me how much ice cream would work in a particular cone a year ago, I would have replied "one works fine..." because I think one scoop of ice cream is really suitable for the typical human being. Now I would reply "two fit well!" because, duh, two scoops cost more than one scoop. It might seem obvious but it wasn't.

A lot of things aren't.
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+ music from "Jesus Christ Superstar"
+ complicated cheesecake
+ dreamy sleepiness

- English paper
- busyness

+ tomorrow (no work, hopefully minimal homework other than govt. test studying, "West Wing" on DVD, potentially reasonable sleep)
+ Tuesday (same reasons other than test)

- English paper
- English paper

+ dreamy sleepiness

- English paper


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