Mar. 16th, 2004

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This morning I woke up to snow. It's Spring Break. This sort of thing always happens around here. There have been snowy spring breaks in the past, too--and the weather was so warm just two weeks ago! Unrelated to the snow, I haven't left the house today. The farthest away I went was the mailbox at the end of the driveway. Nobody called me (well, Kristen called about salsa dancing lessons, but not about making plans) and I didn't call anybody. I figure there are five more days of break during which I can make plans with my friends--tonight, I watched Whale Rider with my family.

The Indianapolis trip was a lot of fun. I don't really have the energy to write down a complete play-by-play of every moment, but I had a great time. Before we left, I was secretly convinced that something horrible would happen since I was one of the drivers. It's not that I'm such a bad driver, I just felt very responsible. Luckily, no one was killed or even injured due to my driving (though an impatient, crazed "soccer mom" nearly ran over Amy with her enormous maroon van as we were walking across the street on the way to dinner), and my conscience remains clear in that respect. I think the best part wasn't going to the overly-expensive revolving restaurant (though the view of the city was lovely) or even going shopping--it was just getting to be entirely independent in an unusual setting with some of my friends. I loved walking to breakfast at Le Peep (where I ate about 3/4 of two of the most enormous pancakes I've ever seen in my entire life) and sitting around in the hotel room (a converted train car named "the Jean Harlow room") watching Love Actually. I took a picture of a grill called St. Elmo's (or something to that nature), which I might bring into English because the St. Elmo's fire allusion in Moby-Dick. There was a scary picture of Jean Harlow in an ad for Lucky Strike cigarettes framed in one of the hotel rooms. I did not take a picture of it.

I've been really exhausted all day. I started my toning workout this morning. The workout is supposed to be 20 minutes (after I no longer have to read the book to figure out how to do the exercises, at least) but I was exercising for about an hour, and I didn't have time to do all the reps because it was just taking too long. I think it'll go faster once I have all of the steps memorized, but it's frustrating for now. I really, really want to do this, though. I'm not giving up. I don't think my exhaustion was from the workout, however. I think it was just because I didn't leave the house. The trip really wiped me out.

I just can't get over Whale Rider. It was just so gorgeous and inspiring. I would love to actually see Whangara, New Zealand in person. I would shoot an overwhelming amount of film.

It's so wonderful that it's break. I don't really have any homework, though there's an English paper due next Tuesday to think about. That's not so bad. We're starting the poetry unit soon, and I'm extremely excited. I brought the textbook home just so I could start reading the poems, and I sat on the floor of my room last night, basking in the glow of old favorites like Plath's "Blackberrying" and Billy Collins' "Taking Off Emily Dickinson's Clothes" and reading new ones and feeling very happy.


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