Feb. 22nd, 2004


Feb. 22nd, 2004 09:46 pm
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Sore throats always make me nervous for what might come. Sickness? I've had so much water today, because I keep thinking I am thirsty, when really I simply have a scratchy throat. At least water is good for combating illness.

I want to go to college RIGHT NOW. It would almost be easier to say goodbye to everybody now, nearly unexpectedly. I am almost dreading the graduation ceremony and going to all the graduation parties and thinking about/listening to sentimental music and hugging a lot and probably crying alone in my room, and maybe even in public. I am so excited about college, and I love my life right now, but I feel like there is an enormous lump of confusing time and space that will occupy the last two weeks of May and the first week of June.

I wrote a crazy poem today that doesn't have anything to do with anything.

I also bought flip flops, with hot pink straps and impractical white footbeds and hot pink soles. They're really comfortable. Almost-warm weather is making me giddy.

The reason I love Orlando so much is because Virginia Woolf completely "goes for" emotion with the character Orlando. Whatever he's feeling (he's still a man right now, and I'm curious about the switch) is entirely presented--there is no such thing as hyperbole. I sort of want to write my term paper about that, about the emotional presence in the writing. I'd better wait till I've finished the book to see if it can be done. It's easier to gush.

When I started this entry, I didn't think I was very happy, but I am now.

Today I got books for Charlie and Tyler at the library and some poetry collections for me and a couple of novels. I started A Cab Called Reliable by Patti Kim. It's really sad. I want to go downstairs and finish the whole thing in one sitting. I'm always torn between sleep and something else...a movie, a show, a book, thought-up words, the computer, drawing. At night, that is. Never in the mornings.

I keep thinking about Lost in Translation.


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