Jan. 31st, 2004

sidewalksparkle: (watch and wait)
I don't care whether you hear this
I don't care if I'm alone here singing songs to myself

--Belle & Sebastian, "Women's Realm"

The best part of driving alone (at night, in the dark) is that one can sing as loud as one pleases and doesn't have to worry about people in other cars staring. Tonight, the driving was going home from the movies. I went to see Girl With a Pearl Earring (aka GWAPE) with Carolyn. It was a great experience--visually stunning (both earthy and unreal at the same time, sensuous really) and well-acted and full of painting. And so quiet--except for Johannes Vermeer's wife, an obvious contrast. The lack of vocal communication was appropriately frustrating and perfect.

I got new painting supplies earlier today, too, a new palette among them. I like starting a new palette with a new painting--I've been using a foil-lined old one, and it's really bothersome because the colors are mixing strangely. I can't figure it out. So now I feel like I have a fresh start. I have some ideas for other art projects, too. I'm shooting some pictures of Shiva on 100-speed film later this week. (Backlit portraits in her sun room, hopefully.) Tomorrow I'm going to try to get some shots of my sister for a project in which she acts out the labels on household items. It's difficult to explain, but I am fully aware that it's lucky to have a sister willing to pretend to cry (face in hands) for the sake of a bottle that says "Artifical Tears."


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