Jan. 24th, 2004

sidewalksparkle: (a pleasant tomorrow)
Hey Ya, Charlie Brown is just about the happiest juxtaposition I've ever seen in my whole life.

My baby-sitting job last night brought me a lucky $22 and even more reminders as to why Charlie and Tyler are the best little boys in the whole world. Charlie turned five on Thursday and today he's having an Indianapolis Colts-themed birthday party. He's learning how to be cool from his older brother and is now the master of such casual phrases as "We're gonna play some football." Never mind that it'll be nerf football in the basement.

Last night we watched a Pokémon (what the hell? I'd never really watched anything Pokémon before and wasn't exactly thrilled, but the boys were certainly into it) movie and ate popcorn as a special treat. We also read Nobody's Mother is in Second Grade and Happy Winter, which was just about my favorite picture book as a child. My favorite part about baby-sitting is reading aloud.

Between "Hey Ya, Charlie Brown" and Charlie and Tyler, this is already a wonderful weekend. I slept for eleven hours "last night," from midnight to eleven a.m. When I woke up, Daniel (the cat) was coming into the room and he hopped up onto the bed next to my pillow and purred and snuggled. This afternoon I'm going with my sister to get Daniel (the human) a birthday present. Tonight should be fun. Tomorrow I'm going to be in a skit at church with my Sunday School teacher. I'm not exactly enthuasistic about it, but I have only two lines and nobody else was volunteering to do it. Tomorrow night is youth group and then the Golden Globes. Even though I don't exactly care about the Golden Globes, they're usually fun to watch. And I've seen so many movies this past year, I actually have an interest in most of the categories.

My dad is really sick and, as selfish as it sounds, I'm afraid I'm going to catch it. I don't want to sound like a man and I don't want to miss school! He's on an antibiotic, but his throat hurts and he's coughing and his voice has dropped a couple octaves. (And it's not like my dad had a high-pitched voice to begin with.) I really hope he feels better--he didn't go to work in two days, and I know he hates how the emails stack up and the phone messages become more pressing and decisions get put off, etc. etc.

But he did laugh when I showed him "Hey Ya, Charlie Brown."


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