Jan. 22nd, 2004

sidewalksparkle: (a pleasant tomorrow)
I've been thinking about traveling so much lately. Sometimes I think about it enough that I actually believe I'm going someplace. I look at pictures on websites of people's trips and think to myself, OK, when? It's not very depressing when I realize that there are no plane tickets in my immediate future, becuase my mind just skitters off to some fantasy about England or France or Hong Kong or Hawaii or Sweden or Italy or Spain or Switzerland or Holland or Canada or...

Also: starting a new book in English class is like starting a new phase of my life. Reading a book over a predetermined set of days is like setting up a backdrop for the rest of life. (It's not that way when I read on my own, because I usually race through books at breakneck speed or I savor them during unscheduled times.) So far, Invisible Man has been very unnerving and upsetting and so well written I almost can't stand it. But by "can't stand it," I mean that I think it's great. It's sort of like how my favorite aunt often gazes at sunsets and says "This sunset is so beautiful I am going to die!" with an enormous grin on her face. We tease her about it, but I think it's actually proof that human beings are capable of small moments of blissful completion before reverting to the more typical mode of vague disatisfaction. And thank goodness for that.

Tomorrow is Friday. (Pizza, baby-sitting, the throwing of priorities to the wind...this calls for the Tina Fey icon!)


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